Remote Play PC Free Vs Sony’s PS4 Remote Play

Back in March @twisted89 released a free version of his Remote Play application, now i won’t go into my own opinion on Open Source and Freedom, instead i will focus on the applications at hand, which of course are the Free version of Twisted’s app and Sony’s released version




Remote Play PC Free(twisted89)


  • Works on Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10(it probably would work on XP too if the developer chose to do so).
  • Can connect DIRECTLY to the PS4, instead of having to go through your home network.
  • Can use a Keyboard instead of the DS4, can also use Xbox 360 controller.



  • Does not work on 3.50
  • Is still in Alpha              


PC PS4 Remote Play(Sony)


  • Is an official application.

(Could someone help me filling this one in, i couldn’t think of any more Pro’s :()



  • Is an official Sony application(those of us who aren’t insane fanboys, know exactly how Sony are with supporting their own shit)
  • Requires your console be on 3.50
  • Requires an internet connection
  • No direct connection to PS4
  • Computer/Mac must use Ethernet(Sony don’t want me pooping whilst i kill Zombies :/)
  • Only works with Windows 8 and Windows 10, users of earlier versions of Windows must either update their computers, or fuck off
  • We all know Sony are using us all as beta testers, without actually letting us know.
  • One can only use a DS4 and it must be connected via USB



Now all this information is gathered from what is already written down by both sources, i have as yet to do a test of either software, but when i do i want to do a complete test, which includes Xbox Ones Remote Play and that of the Wii U, though i can tell you from previous testing, the Wii U has already lost >.<


Anyway if you are on a firmware which isn’t 3.50, you can grab the unofficial free version of PS4 Remote Play:



Or you can go official and grab Sony’s junk application:


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