[Release]{Sort of} psnstuff v3.0.0.0

Well i know not everyone is still interested in the ps3 scene and so on 


but i had a look and ive been using @eminem451 @slimshady451 ‘s psnstuff which he took over since it was made open source

i have however had a few issues with it like when it downloads a newer version of the application it makes a new folder every time and it gets annoying to move them to the main folder every time 

so i have created my version of psnstuff from v3.0.0.0 by @Lozers 


and have created a Download Helper which will replace the new exe with the old one this is purely for developers and the source code is as always available on my github 


so here is the link to the source on my github 






a bit more of what ive added 


ive added a settings window just to allow the user to select where to save the downloads 


by default it will save them in MyDocumentsPSNStuffDownloads

else the user can select where to save it 


the download helper will be in the same folder as the executable 


this is purely some code to help out @eminem451 @slimshady451 with future development on psnstuff 


also something i have added is to copy the data from downloads directly to a usb for easy access to the users (kind of like noob proofing)

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