[Released]Gamesonic Manager v 3.27

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The dev Orion continues to improve his manager to version 3.27.Gamesonic Manager born in November of 2013 with the first version 1.00, and now ‘become an indispensable tool for owners of cfw.more stable fork and compatible with all cfw from 3:55 to 4.65 (except cfw 4.65 dex) .House news’ version of this important automatic dismantling of usb devices except dev_usb000.under the official changelog:
We thank the dev: Estwald, Habib, Joonie, Aldo Vargas, Rancid-o

Removing automatic device usb except dev_usb000 (door closest to the reader)
-Added Patch for CFW Habib, if it detects CFW habib the manager will not apply the patch Anti-Ode,
fix bug that eliminated myGames (Webman Games) on cobra CFW



Gamesonic Managaer[Singstar Replacement]v3.27
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