[Released] XMB Reb00t – PS3

XMB Reb00t

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@mysis has released an upgraded version of XMB Reboot, here is a quote from the thread:

3 hours ago, mysis said:

Nice work @haxxxen . here i made a small upgraded version: hard + soft reboot within 1 sprx.

@sandungas modified the xml so both reboot options are available and not cascaded.


copy “xai_plugin.sprx” to “/dev_flash/vsh/module/”

copy “xai_plugin.rco” to “/dev_flash/vsh/resource/”

copy “category_user.xml” and “category_user_login.xml” to “/dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/”

sandungas -> category_user.xml/category_user_login.xml
mysis -> xai_plugin.sprx
sony -> xai_plugin.rco

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