[Released] XMB Package Downloader v0.10 – PS3

XMB Package Downloader v0.10

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DeViL303 has released a plugin for the PS3 that allows you to download Homebrew, here is a quote from the source:






Here is an XMB mod Ive been working on for the past few days, I call it XMB Package Downloader (XMBPD). The only requirement is that you have a PSN account on your PS3 so it knows what region you are in (you don’t need to be signed in or connected, just have an account on there), other than that it should be supported by most if not all CFW (inc DEX now) as it doesn’t use any custom sprx files or rely on any FW patches except the ability to install unsigned pkgs.


It allows you to pick from a set list of homebrew packages that can be downloaded directly to the internal HDD without the need for a USB key/Redirect which has been required up until now using the browser method to download files. The package gets installed automatically on completion of download just like any official $ony package. There is no option for background download unfortunately. 





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