[Released] XMB Modifier V2.1 And Tutorial

The below quote was written by PlayStationHaX developer TheDarkprogramer:

Hey Guys Here’s an update to my XMB Modifier v2.1

Now Supports All Languages

========== V2.1 ===============

Fixed 4.46 compiler error
Thanks to @concretecork for letting me know so soon about this
========== V2.0 ================

Added Language Selector
Did a bit of Code Cleanup
Should Run A lot Smoother


Enjoy Guys

PS3 XMB Modifier V2.1 TUT

[Image: VMYdlav.png]

Please not the files used in this app is original non tampered .rco files
REX\DEX must be edited as Custom

XMB Modder Selection

[Image: VMYdlav.png]

Edit Startup Screen
(This will edit that pesky epileptic warning)

Edit Game Category Names
(This will edit the categorie names of ure xmb)

Using Edit start Message

CFW Version 4.46 4.50 4.55 4.60


Type in the text u want to be displayed on startup

Press save

Luanch the compiler


Select The Compile Tab

Navigate to ps3/custom/rco/sysconf_plugin/


Select sysconf_plugin.xml


Select sysconf_plugin.rco

Select Zlib

[Image: fJlRoah.png]

Click Compile

OUTPUT: This will be what you typed in it will display on the screen on startup

User validation this is for the users who experience problems

Checking if the start message was changed to what u wanted


Now sellect the language you changed

Use the find function

Crl+F type in health

The second one named
This should be the text your looking for
For This Example Its

Quote:playstationhax.xyz rules

If this text is here and your output is not that of the .rco file

Please use the Custom Firmware Function on the main firmware selector

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