[Released] VitaCord v1.5Fix1 – #HENkaku #Enso – PS Vita

After Discord developers changed some things in the Discord api, devingDev had to change some things in his awesome homebrew application, it is still a little buggy, such as not letting me login and giving me a smilies overlay on the login screen, but it is working for others, here is a quote from the source:



Discord wanted to mess with me and changed it’s api


the type here was a string before and was “text” for text channels. So my check if(type==”text”) failed and as I only show text channels it would not show.

Note: Not fully tested. Some parts are from development but were commented out (like image loading because it is not multithreaded yet and therefore slows everything down )

Here is the QR code to download the application directly to your PS Vita:


You can speak to devingDev on the Vita Discord by clicking this link, he uses the name coderx3.

If you need help with hacking your PS Vita, click this link

View The Thread Here https://playstationhax.xyz/forums/topic/4011-released-vitacord-v15fix1-henkaku-enso-ps-vita/

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