[Released] System Manager Plugin by Orion

Orion from GameSonic has released an updated version of System Manager Plugin, a homebrew app that allows you to control the fan speed of your PS3, here is a quote from the thread:


Compatible with all existing cobra CFW(Except 4:53 dex Rebug).
Much improved fan Control.
The led alternates depending on the temperature as the homebrew system manager.


Place the files for your CFW,that you find in the store,in the hdd0.
Place the boot_plugins file,that you found in the store,in hdd0
Have Fun.

You can tell the temperature of the led console:
Yellow Led fixed: temperature below 70 degrees
Amber/green LED flashing temperature above or equal to 70 degrees
LED red/yellow/green blinking temperature above or equal to 75 degrees


      Estwald/Miaralatijera: Original Developers


      Rancid: First dev have made the port a plugin for CfW 4.50 DEX.


      Orion: developer improved version for all CFW COBRA CEX.


      SNK/ANK: Tester.

Source GameSonic Forum

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