[Released] Saints Row: Undercover – PSP

Saints Row: Undercover

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A few days ago, i posted this article regarding an unreleased Saints Row game for the PSP, well those awesome people behind the game have released it, there are conflicting reports regarding whether or not it works properly on the PSP, there are good reports on it running on the PSP Emulator PPSSPP, here is a quote from the source:





Some days ago we wrote about Saints Row: Undercover, the cancelled PSP game revealed by Volition during one of their weekly Twitch Streams. Today you will be able to play the prototype yourself: the lovely people at Volition created a playable ISO for the Undercover prototype and shared it with us to be preserved and archived.



I have added my own link as well as two links from the source, if you need more links, then visit the source.

The PSP emulator is linked above and here is a link to a tutorial on how to run it on your PSP.

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