[Released] REBUG XMB Logo Installer by eXtreme a.k.a. IcEmAn

eXtreme has released Rebug XMB Logo Installer for the PS3, this will be his last PS3 scene release, hopefully we see moe from him when the PS4 is hacked, here is a quote from his thread on the forum:

This is a XMB installer pkg for the REBUG REX 4.65.2 CFW
and at the same time my last PS3 XMB MOD for the scene.

I have found a way to mod the icon of the XMB clock to
show a custom icon instead of that. A second of three icons
is used for a loading icon. So this will remove the clock icon
and add 2 new icons to your XMB.

Thanks to haxxxen for all !, XMBM+ Team for the installer, sebastiaan15 for modding
the installer, pinky for the info with the color strings
and many other people which helped me

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