[Released] Rebug Package Manager (standalone), ripped by sandungas

Rebug Package Manager (standalone)
Is the same package manager used in all classic rebug firmwares, the most notable modification is the installation method and the modifications made in the provided install_package_files.xml, it has been “unlinked” from the resources inside .rco files (the .xml doesnt loads any custom resource from inside .rco’s… this is why is named standalone because is not dependant of any other custom modification)

All the custom code is in a separated .xml, easy to implement, manage, mantain, update, etc….
All the Rebug Package Manager custom texts has been hardcoded in english in the install_package_files.xml (in vintage rebug versions was harcoded in english inside the .rco’s and later harcoded in several languages by joonie inside the .rco’s)
The rebug red custom PSN icon that appeared in a subfolder inside the “package manager” has been replaced by the default folder icon (originally the icon was loaded from explore_plugin_full.rco)
All this means in few words… it can be installed in any CFW past/present/future very easy with a simple edit in the original .xml’s

 Standalone Installation
Because you are supposed to be in a cfw before installing this, it means you have the item “install package files” in your xmb, is located inside:
dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/category_game.xml and category_game_tool2.xml (it can appear several times for all PS3 models CEX/DEX/DECR/ARC)

Step 1.- Make a copy category_game.xml and category_game_tool2.xml and move to PC, open them in notepad++ and search for this “item”
Step 2.- Replace by:
Step 3.- Save the changes
Step 4.- Copy the modifyed files category_game.xml and category_game_tool2.xml and the provided file install_package_files.xml back to the PS3

– In a official DEX XMB (and most cfw) the item “seg_package_files” is placed in the list inmediatly before “seg_gameexit” but you can place it at any other position, as example on top of game column
– xmb://localhost/ is the function that loads another .xml At the end of the function is used the character # that loads an specific segment from the other .xml
– %flash is a short form of path: dev_flash/vsh/resource/explore/
– For testing purposes you can load the file install_package_files.xml from the root of a usb device by using: src=”xmb://localhost/dev_usb000/install_package_files.xml#seg_package_files”

Team AC1D, Team Rebug, Team XMBM+


Download link —> https://www.sendspace.com/file/2opm4m


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