[Released] Rebug CFW 4.53.1 With Cobra Functionality

This isn’t really a release in terms of normal Team Rebug releases, it is a leak of unfinished and unrefined work.

The nob head at PS3HaX who posted about this, claims that it was given to him anonymously is a liar, he knows exactly who gave it to him, but that’s drama ill leave for another time as this section is for scene related news, not my stupid rants against ass holes >.<

Here is a quote made by that liar on that lame website:

Disclaimer* This is said to be Rebug’s official 4.53.1 Cobra firmware. I received this anonymously, so I cannot confirm this.

The firmware is reported to have only one issue, which is the same issue that exists in Rebug 4.46 with Cobra on DEX mode. It’ll mess up vsh and start going really slow until it freezes, with Cobra enabled while in DEX. Besides that, it works fine.

You can use the toggles to turn Cobra off, to have working DEX mode. Then turn it back on when in CEX.

This will not install over 4.55 or 4.60 CFW. You will need use Rogero’s downgrader 3.7 to downgrade, before installing.


  • First CFW to include Cobra 7.0.1 features
  • Toolbox version 2.02.00 built in
  • Toggles for Cobra and WEBMAN
  • Rebug mode active in toolbox
  • Auto spoofs to 4.55
  • Working PS, PS2, PS3, PSP ISO’s

So make of it as you will, it is either a genuine leaked official Rebug, or a stupid clone made to seem like it was leaked, as the original source are a bunch of idiots, ill link to the article at PSX Scene:
http://psx-scene.com/forums/content/see … lity-4627/

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