The guys at PSXIta have launched version 2 of their popular Linux distribution for the PS4, this update changes a lot of things and adds or changes software that installs with it:


Here is a log of the changes:

  • Psxitarch now uses the new and better performing Amdgpu open-source drivers for 2D / 3D hardware acceleration, which also makes it possible to use Vulkan (RADV) drivers
  • Kernel 4.14.93.
  • New linux loader that dumps the eap key, the edid, activates all CUs and adjusts the GPU clock.
  • Audio working via HDMI.
  • A fix for WIFI / BT has been added, despite this, the wifi and / or bluetooth on some PS4 may still not work or give problems.
  • Added an option in the System menu that allows you to mount and access to read and write to the internal HD of the PS4. ( For the time being it only works on the PS4 FAT CUH-10xxx and CUH-11xxx ).
  • Added a repository for pacman that will be updated regularly with new versions of the graphics drivers and more ..
  • After installing a new program it should no longer be necessary to manually refresh the menu.
  • Removed the login screen, the login will be done automatically.
  • Psxitarch now caches only the pkg currently installed in the distro.
  • Added Dolphin-emu.
  • Added Lutris
  • Added Mvp.
  • Added Acestream and a simple guide where you can enter the address of the stream you want to view
  • Added Gparted
  • Replaced the Wicd network manager with Network Manager
  • Replaced the ePSXe emulator with PCSXR
  • Replaced Midori with Firefox
  • Replaced Xnoise with VLC
  • It is possible through an option to change the keyboard layout between IT, US, ES, DE, FR
  • Other..

There are known problems which are listed at the source with solutions, users of v2 have complained about problems, when i asked @Rancid-o about the problems, here is what he said on PlayStationHaX Discord Server:



So don’t worry if it does not work perfectly right now, it will over time get better, so be patient.

Also this is only available for people on 5.05 at the moment, yet again, be patient and it will be ported to other firmwares.


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