[Released] PSNStuff v3.00 – Final Release

PS3 Developer sinsizer has released version 3.00 of PSNStuff which is great, unfortunately this will be the last release of this app from him.

Here is a quote from his post at the source:

This is the last update. Server will be shutdown within the next weeks.
The tool will be released with sourcecode.

– removed the whole encryption (the db is only packed with gzip)
– removed rap button timeout

For future use I would recommend someone puts in an edit button, and writes a small windows service to share the db via p2p. (still requires a server to forward ip’s and to keep the chat up)

As promised the last raw submits that have been submitted since the last db update.

and the server-side php script


You can discuss this release on PlayStationHaX forum thanks to JonahUK:
[Release] PSNStuff v3.00

Thanks for all the work you put into this application sinsizer and I’m sorry you didn’t get ‘Homebrew Developer’ status over at the source, I did ask for you, but was ignored.

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