[Released] PSN.Appx – A PSN Client For Windows 10 – PS4

PSN.Appx – A PSN Client For Windows 10

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Before i make this article, i think it is only right that i give a warning, stating that this application uses/accesses your PSN details, i do not know how safe it is, but it has been out a long time and is on the Windows Store.

Android has an official PlayStation application, but Windows does not and probably will never get a release from Sony, however a developer by the name of drasticactions has released his own version of the application and guess what, he doesnt charge people for his application like that scumbag Twisted89 does :)


PSN.Appx - A PSN Client For Windows 10
Here is some information from the source:



  • Viewing Recent Activity Feeds
  • Messaging friends via text
  • Viewing and comparing trophy lists
  • Viewing and searching what’s new on Live on PlayStation on UStream, NicoVideo, and Twitch
  • Making new friend request links, to be sent via SMS or Email, or shared elsewhere.
  • Able to log in with multiple accounts.
  • Translated into English and Japanese

There are many more things it could do in the future, such as

  • Support adding and viewing events
  • Sending messages with text and voice
  • Notifications (Not push, no way to do that via their API)
  • Game Invites
  • Communities (once available on the mobile app, it’s not public yet)
  • Translate into more languages


The Basics

This app is seperated into two parts, the core library and the UWP app. The core library is a PCL targeting Windows 10 and (once I remove some SQLite dependencies) ASP.NET Core. This library manages the API calls made to the PSN.


Authentication is handled in the Authentication Manager. Normally, in the official PSN apps on iOS and Android, there is an OAuth 2 based dance between a webview and the client, passing an oauth token back and forth between the webview and the client. Now, this works great for their app, but it’s a pain for any other app trying to gain proper credentials, because they except a specific return URI to be on the query string to launch their app on the client. We don’t want that.

So I basically brute forced my way around their system by matching the calls their view expects, so I can fake being their page. Then I can parse out the Oauth code from their return URI and then finish the handoff myself. The user just has to enter their username and password, and the library takes care of the rest.


Once authenticated, their access and refresh tokens are stored in a SQlite database on the client. Any time a PSN function is accessed, a user authentication object is passed along with the request. Should the token need refreshing, it can be refreshed along side the users request, and then passed back to the client.

Passwords are not stored on the client, only Oauth tokens.


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