[Released] PS4EYECam – A PS4 Camera Driver

bigboss a member of the PS2Reality team has released PS4EYECam, a driver for the PlayStation 4 Camera, which will of course allow you to use your PS4 Camera on your PC/Mac, here is a sample image, followed by a quote from the developer:



What is PS4EYECam?

  • PS4EYECam is a Sony PlayStation 4 Camera driver implementation reference.
  • The driver is using libusb to handle USB communications.
  • Part of code was based on PS3EYEDriver.
  • Payload parsing stuff parts from Linux kernel source(gspca).
  • UVC video control from libuvc.
  • Boot and initialization from dumped PlayStation 4 Camera firmware ps4eye.
  • Other parts and research based on my experience adding support for different usb devices for Sony PlayStation 2 and Sony PlayStation 3 consoles (ps2eyetoy.irx,ps2mic.irx,ps3kinect.sprx,etc.


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A group/Team/Person known as PS4Eye also had a similar project, but it has not been updated in several months, that project did have help from bigboss, i am not quite sure how similar the two projects are, but if you want’t to check how to convert your PS4 Camera to USB, then check their blog below:


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