[Released] PS3xport By KaKaRoTo

The awesome PS3 developer KaKaRoTo has released what might possibly be his last release for the PS3.

What he has release is a tool called PS3xport, which manipulates PS3 Backup Data, this is the data that you get from using the PS3‘s Backup Utility, here is a quote from KaKaRoTo:

PS3xport By KaKaRoTo

What does it do? Well, it’s basically a tool for manipulating the PS3 backup data. When I say “PS3 backup”, I’m not talking about a “backup” of a game, no.. I’m talking about the full PS3 hard drive backup that you can do by going to “System Settings->Backup Utility” on your XMB. That creates an encrypted directory on your FAT32 hard drive which allows you to format your PS3 and then Restore it just like it was before. I’ve reverse engineered the file format and encryption and PS3xport allows you to create new backup data from scratch, or dump existing ones, or delete specific files from a backup or do a whole lot of other things to your backup folders.

This gives you total control over your /dev_hdd0 and /dev_flash2 filesystems, which will let you install homebrew on any console, even if it’s the latest OFW version. Unfortunately, just like it was 3 years ago, you wouldn’t be able to run those homebrew apps you install due to the NPDRM ECDSA signature missing. If you have your IDPS though for example, it could let you restore a backup from one PS3 to another PS3 without losing any of your data in the transfer.

That’s about it.

I’m really happy about this release, and I want to say Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to everyone, and of course..

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Ps3xport released!

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