[Released] PS3DumpChecker Build 481

littlebalup has updated PS3DumpChecker build version 481, here is a quote from the changelog:

PS3DumpChecker Build 481

NEW Build 481 2015-02-27:

  • Changed: The embedded 4.66 patch replaced by the Darkjiros’s 4.70 fixed patch
  • Added: OFW and Patched 4.70 ROS hashs
  • Fixed: cvtrm checks 010.04 & 010.06 (NAND) and 010.06 & 010.11 (NOR) are deactivated as they are causing false negative on some rare flash images. Those checks are commented into the default.config files and can be restaured.
  • Fixed: datas of cISD semistatic2 check completed for refurbished NAND consoles. Added one SKU datas for a CECHG refurbished console as well.


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