[Released] PS3 IDPS Hiding Tool

Littlebalup has released a nice little application that will let you hide the IDPS in a dump file, so you can share it online or if you need someone to check it, no need to worry any more about the theft of your IDPS through accidental exposure by yourself, here are the features:



– Compatible with NOR dumps (for E3 flasher dumps it is best to do a reverse byte with Flowrebuilder before using the program.)

– Compatible with NAND dumps “interleaved” (not compatible dumps gross)

– Do not take load dumps converted DEX (with Target ID 0x82 on EID0)

– Mask only the last seven offsets the IDPS to allow generic data available (Target ID, SKU, chassis).

– Extraction and preservation of the IDPS in a separate file.

– Restoration of the IDPS from a backup file or from the original dump.


View it on the forum.

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