[Released] PS3 Flash Tool v4.65 (Unofficial Update)

littlebalup has added an update to Rogero’s PS3 Flash Tool, here is a quote from the changelog:


Quote:Changelog: v 4.65 (unofficial, by Littlebalup)

  • Tool updated with latest Darkiris’s 4.65 No-FSM patches and Autopatcher. (thanks to him)
  • PS3DumpChecker embedded patch updated as well with Darkiris’s 4.65 No-FSM patch as a forked and modded Swizzy’s PS3DumpChecker build 348.
  • Embedded default.hashlist updated with 4.65 ROS hashes. (thanks to Joonie for OFW 4.65 ROS hash)
  • Embedded default.cfg updated with latest Swizzy’s release.


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