[Released] PS3 Console Compatibility GUI v3.1

A lot of us know that if we want to find out if a console if able to have CFW installed, all we have to do is look at the PS3 Dev Wiki, but not all of us know this and some might find it difficult, that is why this application created by Tactik-knife will come in hand, it has just recently been updated to version 3.1, here is a little information from the developer:

PS3 Console Compatibility GUI v3.1

Hi guys.

Following various remarks elsewhere, I decided to make a small software for all the beginners who want to jailbreak their console.

PS3 Console Compatibility GUI is a small software that allows you, PS3 owners, to know whether their model is compatible with the PS3 jailbreak.

How use it?

Very simply, if you want any informations about console and know if she’s compatible or not, you must select your PS3 model and click to “Start”, the program tel you all you need to know.

Same for know information about your blue-ray drive (daughterboard, slide and laser).


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