[Released] PS Multi Tools v12(Coming Soon) – PS3

PS Multi Tools v12(Coming Soon)

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It seems like a long time since we seen a release from SvenGDK, but he is back again and is releasing version 12 of his popular PS Multi Tools, which is redesigned and has loads of improvements, here is a quote of the changes:




Changelog updated 11th Feb. 2016


New features:

  • PS3 Library – Now loading PKG files into Library
  • PS2 Library – Now loading PS2 ISO files into Library
  • PS2 Library – Compress selected game folder as ISO or extract GameISO



  • PS3 Library – Changed from ListView to DataGridView
  • PS3 Library – Improved loading games
  • PS Multi Tools – Internet Connection is not more required but recommended*



  • Copy Manager – New Copy Manager
  • Downloader – New Downloader
  • Cover Downloader – Redesign


Fixed Bugs:

  • PS3 Library – Loading folders instead of games
  • PS3 Library – ContextMenu opened everywhere
  • ISO Tools – Creating & Extracting ISO files (never seemed to work)
  • PS2 Library – Error message when selecting a game

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