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PPSSPP v1.1.1

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This version of PPSSPP came out on the 15th of October 2015, it is the best PSP emulator around and is available on many platforms such as Windows, Android and iDevices, here is some information followed by the changes for this version:






  • Play in HD resolutions and more
  • Play on a tablet for big-screen mobile gaming
  • Customize on-screen touch controls or use an external controller or keyboard
  • Save and restore game state anywhere, anytime
  • Crank up the anisotropic filtering and texture scaling
  • Continue where you left off by transferring saves from your real PSP






  • Fixes a few crash bugs in 1.1.
  • Fixed new crash in Persona and other games on ARM64, like Galaxy S6
  • Fixed crashes when trying to launch web browser when not present on Android, like on Android TV
  • Fix crash in games that used “depal” functionality (OpenGL)
  • Fixed rounding mode problems in the JITs
  • Fix crash when loading savestates many times, and savestate compatibility on Android-x86
  • Fix minor glitch in Ridge Racer




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