[Released] PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 (Public Release) By Abkarino

Hi PS3 Scene Users,

I know it is a long time past since my last release of PlayStation 3 NAND Flash Tool v2.0, this version can not handle all PS3 NAND dumps sorting algorithms and only some peoples like Judges, BlaKCat, Sonic_BH and maybe others know the right algorithms but they do not share and do this as a paid services.

So As i promised all lovely PS3 scene users, I’m glad to announce the release of my new PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 that implement all PS3 NAND sorting algorithms (by Me Abkarino) & RPS’s ECC calculation algorithm (credit goes to RPS for the ECC calculation algorithm).


PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0

This tool is a replacement for the famous FlowRebuilder tool for handling PS3 NAND dumps.

What is special in my tool, since flowrebuilder could do the same process?
The special thing in my tool that it can handle all NAND dump types even that one that Flowrebuilder can not unscramble and make unified dump out of them cause it have some bad blocks in some critical areas that affect FlowRebuilder sorting algorithm.

In fact that the bad block does not affect sorting algorithm but Sony had changed the old sorting algorithm used in FlowRebuilder after releasing the new PS3 NAND model CECHG console, by implementing a hard and different sorting algorithms to this model so FlowRebuilder can not be used any more to downgrade this Model.
I had finished this version long time ago but i did not released it for some personal reasons that i can not state right now :(

I had done a hard work to finish this tool and discover how PS3 handle such NANDs :D

No more bad block remapping process, No more paying for someone to remap and patch your dump, No more uploading your full RAW dumps that wast your time, bandwidth and of course your money also wink.png

I’m not the only one that discovered this algorithm, there is some well known devs that do also, but they did not well to share any info/tool to handle this dumps, they do it only as a service.
And here is my current build key features:

  • Rewritten from scratch and switched from .NET application to pure QT C++ application for faster and better work ;) .
  • Windows 10 compatible.
  • Auto patch PS3 RAW NAND dumps, to save your time and effort, no need to do manual process again ;) .
  • Unscramble PS3 RAW NAND dumps and make a readable unified dump out of them.
  • Re-scramble a unified PS3 NAND dump and make Two RAW dumps out of it and update its ECC values to be ready for flashing.
  • Extract unified NAND dumps files.
  • Patch a unified NAND dump with integrated 3.55 CFW (FSM) or 4.70 CFW (NoFSM) patches.

Also there is some features still in my to-do list that I’ll add in feature release so stay tuned here wink.png
Also I’m so sorry for this long delay before releasing my tool, since my real life and family take all my time also my full time job smiley.gif

Finally i would to say thanks for all who supported me, and i want to give a big thanks to my lovely friends and brothers:
@Rogero , @Kado, @the1wonder @3absiso, @NiceShot, and our Rebug Team members @evilsperm , @Habib , @Joonie (since i had joined the famous Rebug team also :)), and all lovely members in PS3 Scene (You know who you are ;) ).

Feel free to report any issue that you may encounter while using my app.
Also do not forget to support my by giving me THANKS for this hard job  :D , and since this project take a lot of time and effort if you find it useful for you and helped you to downgrade problematic PS3 NAND console do not forget to donate to my to support me doing feature development for this tools and any other tools that we may need :) .


PayPal account: mh.nasr@live.com
Download link:
PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 Public Release

Best regards,


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PlayStation 3 Flash Tool v4.0 (Public Release) By Abkarino

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