[Released] PeXploit v1.0

Hi Guys So I Finally FInished PeXploit Itself it should be working 100% on all versions of windows

Firstly i would like to thank everyone who has helped me creating this tool , without your testing, ideas , ext i would have never been able to finish this

Secondly i would like to thank all my users for there continued support , you guys rock !!

change log

+ New Gui
+ New Working Method
+ New Logo
+ New Code
+ Works a bit faster now as well
+ Lite And Dark Themed ( Switch View )

— not included yet is the advanced window (i’m still working on it still has a few things that needs to be done )

as soon as its done you can just add the advanced.exe in the pexploit folder

Have fun

“Nothing is true , Everything is permitted ”

xXx The Darkprogramer xXx

PeXploit v1.0 video

Download Link


PeXploit v1.0 advanced window demo

Will be uploaded soon

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