[Released] PeXploit v1.0 Source Code

Hey guys so since 4.75 basicly screws over the whole edat trick I decided to release the open source version of pexploit v1.0

So what you need to know before trying to compile this

Your gonna need VS2012/13 to compile this

All code was done in c#

allot of time and effort was put into this and I hope you all enjoyed it this was a fun project for me to do and I hope to do plenty more in the future

So a quote from the readme on github

PeXPloit v1.0 Source Code Compiled Using VS 2012/2013 PeXploit v1.0 Well here you go PeXPloit v1.0 Source Code No Advanced Window Yet


a Few Notes

//In Debug Folder there are a few files needed to make pexploit work like a charm *PS3DB – This Little File Is Used To Check From Yutolio’s DB which file should have edat’s placed in there root folders and not in exdata (non C00) *edat_license.exe – This App is included but no longer used as this is handeled in code *db.err – create trick provided to auto rebuild database after injection is completed

//In this version i did not work with idps.bin so everything is similar to pexploit lite exept the advanced window would have changed that

Enjoy The Code xDPx

Thank you *pink1 – all the help you provided *kakaroto – ps3xport *cfwprophet – his ideas

  • hexxxen – For the recovery trick
  • DetrikSys – ps3xport windows

//Testers there where quite alot of you so dont feel left out if i forgot to mention you *Shogoz *Marc0 *b0dz *backtrack *Ocam *ME(XD) *B7U3 And all the other testers im forgetting

FINAL THANKS goes to all my users and supporters doing this project was alot of fun thanks for the feedback and support


there’s the link enjoy

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