[Released] PeXploit v0.5

TheDarkprogramer has released version 0.5 of his application PeXploit, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello Ps3 Scene Heres a Little Update To PeXploit

So a lot of new work has gone into this release to give u more support
PeXploit v0.5
Okay So As Of Now I Added Alot Of New Feutures Including batch pkg install (packed)
basicly it means the .pkg files no need to extract them before hand

Added Built In edat creator
Added Built in pkg decryptor
Added Alot of new code and futures
Added A idps viewer

tried not to compromise the orginal way of installing pkg files so for those of you who want to still use the old way its still possible but no batch install for the original way for now

A Big thanks for this release
pink,psdev,flatz,jappi88,aldo, and all the other devs i might have forgotten

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