[Released] PeXploit V0.4

TheDarkprogramer has updated PeXploit to version 0.4, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello PS3 Scene

So Today is the release of PeXploit v0.4

it now allows you to install a few non-c00 games and create a full version

*Added Built in SFO Reader
*Added A way to determin if a game (non-c00 can be patched for full
*Added Music?
*Added a few fixes
*added a few new functions
*Added Auto Usernumber Detection

=====Next release=====


Download Link

Also on a side note i set up the program so if the game is not compatilbe with my list of able games it wont display edat enabled

to see if your game is on the list press the blue ? when u have selected your extracted pkg it will display the contentid if there is one compatible with edatpatc

Big Thanks To Aldo and ElectroCommission

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