[RELEASED] NoAVLS – Permanently Disable AVLS

If you have an PSVita 2000 of the EU Model you most likely know of a restriction called “AVLS” That limits the volume while not using headphones, this is extremely annoying and is due to a regulation put in place in germany where manufacturers must force AVLS on devices, and Sony decided germany = all of EU
so now all EU PSVITA 2000 Models have forced AVLS making this restriction even more frustrating to some users.

So we made a plugin to permanently disable AVLS!

Place noavls.skprx into ux0:tai (or ur0:tai)
then edit config.txt and add “ux0:tai/noavls.skprx” (or ur0:tai/noavls.skprx depending on what your using)
under the *KERNEL entry

Download the plugin here:

To get help with this plugin, post on the forum thread
Or ask me on Twitter

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