[Released] ManaGunz v1.00

Over at PSX-Place, Zar has released a brand new PS3 Backup Manager, here is a quote from the source:

[Released] ManaGunz v1.00

This is another Backup Manager. It allow you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal hdd as a virtual Blue-Ray. I tryed to do a “AIO backup manager

Here is a quote of the change log:


  • Added: confirmation to delete a game
  • Adding: “Fix permission”
  • Correction: Patch black screen
  • Added: “Set Primary USB
  • Correction: rewrite mode AutoMount
  • Added: New interface of the “Settings” menu


  • Added: New ICON0 and PIC1
  • Correction : freeze pour le GUI “Flow”
  • Correction : notification si download cancel
  • Correction: Keyboard
  • Correction: “Turn OFF” is active only if there is at least 1 update
  • Correction : “Get_ICON0()”


  • Added: “Game Ext”
  • Added: “Rename”
  • Added: “Copy Game”
  • Added: “Make pkg Stealth”
  • Added: “Fix EBOOT”
  • Adding: “Re-Sign”
  • Added: “Convert/Extract ISO”
  • Adding: “Download Update”
  • Adding: “Properties”
  • Added: A “Game Menu” interface grouping “Game Settings” “Game Option”
  • Correction: Black screen with fw 4.60

And finally a video of the Backup Manager in action:

The amount of features are huge, so if you want to view them or download the Backup Manager visit the source link below:

ManaGunZ – PS3 Backup Manager by Zar

Zar is also a member of this forum, so if you need help i am sure he will oblige, if not you can always get him at the source.

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