[Released] COBRA 4.53.1 REX/D-REX EDITION v4+

PS3 Developer @Joonie has released an updated version of his Rebug Cobra 4.53.1 mod, here is a quote posted by Joonie at the source:

Quote:This is an improved release of the unofficial leaked version of REBUG COBRA 4.53.1, fixed almost all bugs and added new features.
This should be my last build and I am no longer releasing another build, This CFW has been fully tested by more than 40 different PS3 units.

Main features

  • REBUG REX features
  • CEX/DEX lv2 kernel swap on DEX
  • Cobra 7.0.1 features
  • Rebug Toolbox v2.02 built in
  • Toggles for Cobra and webMan in toolbox
  • Newest webMan Mod integrated
  • Spoofs to 4.65 while in Rebug mode
  • PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP isos
  • BD/DVD Movie ISO
  • Cinavia Protection Bypass
  • RSOD Bypass
  • In-Game Screenshot

Here is a quote from the Changelog:


  • August 3rd 2014 – *4.53.2U – PSN/SEN supported [4.60 spoofer]
  • August 4th 2014 – *4.53.3U – PSP Issue is fixed from 4.53.2U release.
  • September 3rd 2014 – *4.53.1 v4 – Version number is changed based on @aldostools ‘s suggestion due to avoid misleading, and a lot of new features below.
  • September 3rd 2014 – *4.53.1 v4+ – Removed unstable trophy patches due to report


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