[Released] Iris Manager v3.0 – PS3

Iris Manager v3.0

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I think its the first time i have posted about Iris Manager on PlayStationHaX, it is without a doubt the best Back Up Manager in the PS3 Scene, it outclasses and is far superior than any of its competition, to top it off its Open Source, which is awesome.

This is an official update from Estawald(Hermes) and is the third in the past two weeks, here is a quote of the changes(thanks to Brewology):

Iris Manager v3.0

What’s new in 3.00:

NOTE: After install the PKG, it’s suggested to restart the console if Iris Manager was loaded.

– sm.sprx and monitor.sprx have been merged and compatible with sm.self.

– Added new alarm functions to Monitor and a new menu “Monitor Settings” to Iris Manager (Press START to access “Global Options” -> “Tools” -> “Monitor Settings”.

Monitor buttons:

On XMB (press the PS button during gameplay):

SELECT + L2: toggle show the temperatures
SELECT + R2: Show temperatures one time
SELECT + TRIANGLE: Cancel Time Alarm

What’s new in 2.97:

– Added temps display during the gameplay, using monitor.prx (thanks to webMAN for the libraries used ( DeanK and other sceners involved) )

What’s new in 2.96:

– Added Controlfan with sm.sprx (Cobra/Mamba)

What’s new in 2.95:

– Fixed the ISO tools of Iris and PC (new MGS V iso is generated properly)

– Fix error 09 now works up to fw 4.90 (for games with req. firmware above the console’s firmware)

– Added Mamba and support for firmware versions up to 4.76 and added fix for LIC.DAT to firmware 4.55 (thanks to NzV, Alexander, Aldo, Pelayin_5, Faxtron…)

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    Developer: Estwald & D_Skywalk
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    Source: http://www.elotrolado.net/hilo_aplicacion-iris-manager-v3-00_1862716

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