[Released] IDPstealer By flatz

Now before everyone gets all upset and thinks IDPstealer By flatz is a malicious program, let me clarify that there is nothing malicious about it, it does not ‘steal’ anyone’s IDPS, the PS3 has to be in the same location as your computer, you also need to physically edit settings on the PS3 console, this cannot access someone’s PS3 on another network, this does not steal random peoples IDPS, here is a quote from the ReadMe:

IDPstealer By flatz

Privet, PS3 fans! Once KaKaRoTo published his backup tool I’ve decided to bring a way of getting a console ID (IDPS) to the community. It can be used on OFW/CFW firmware and you don’t need any additional software/hardware installed on your PS3.

However there are several cons about releasing:
1. A big company will fix it in the next firmwares.
2. It can be used to steal other people’s IDs if you have an access to their consoles.

And it seems this is the only method of getting console ID without using hardware solutions on the moment. So please, if you want to get an IDPS from your console then do it as fast as possible because I think this method won’t work in the nearly future.

How it works:
IDPstealer works as a proxy server and intercepts all network traffic (including SSL traffic via HTTPS over HTTP tunneling) and it tries to get IDPS from it. It doesn’t contains any malicious code and can be safely used like any other proxy server.


So thanks flatz for bringing the PS3 scene another awesome Christmas present.
And thanks zecoxao for posting the news on the forum.

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