[Released] Homebrew Collections Supporting 4.70 DEX

The awesome PS3 developer Joonie has released some of the stuff he has been working on, here is a quote from his thread:

Homebrew Collections Supporting 4.70 DEX

I also posted this @ psxplace but I’m going to post that here also, I really don’t like the situation where being stuck in the middle and feeling awkward ever since PS3HAX exclusive drama that I went through, however I think I can post my work where ever I want, so I would like to share my work with people that may find these useful in near future.

Here is several homebrew that I ported for upcoming REX / D-REX 4.70

Firstly, here is IRISMAN 3.46 [approved by aldostools]

It has several changes since 3.45 version.

- Updated Payload for 4.70 CEX
- 4.70 DEX support including MAMBA
- Fixed fan controller payload, 
   [however, it still has old audio glitching bug when using payload mode since the official IRIS, I personally recommend webMAN instead] 
- Korean language support
- Fixed auto button swap, all previous IRISMAN used to execute read_settings() before read_from_registry();, which explains why it was not working properly without changing ini file, now it properly detects region setting from registry, and apply that "buttonAssign" setting to IRIS without changing setting.ini, this should make all Asian users happier :) Thanks again       aldostools for tips

Download link


Prx loader 1.10 Unofficial standalone.
*Change note

- 4.70 DEX supported

strong>PKG download

Source Download

Eid root key dumper 1.00 for 4.70 dex

-4.70 DEX supported, this was intended for upcoming REBUG REX 4.70, Future TOOLBOX version 2.02.04  will support dumping eid root key on both side of kernels, [4.70 CEX / 4.70 DEX]

PKG download


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