[Released] HENkaku R9 Released – #HENkaku – PS Vita

HENkaku R9 Released – #HENkaku

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Team Molecule have updated HENkaku to revision 9, here are a list of the changes and additions:




  • Fixed a bug in one of the patch that may crash SceShell
  • Disabled triggering of (nonworking) force reinstall in offline mode
  • Fixed slow file reading in molecularShell
  • Fixed crash in installing VPK (thanks d3m3vilurr)
  • Moved HENkaku settings to the official Settings application (thanks The_FloW)
  • Fixed problem of molecularShell corrupting VitaShell theme and settings (thanks The_FloW)


Visit the forum for more help:
[Released] HENkaku R9 Released – #HENkaku – PS Vita

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