[Released] gui4Rejuvenate v0.2 – PS Vita

gui4Rejuvenate v0.2

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sega dude has released gui4Rejuvenate, which is a GUI for Rejuvenate, here is a quote from the source:

gui4Rejuvenate v0.2

gui4Rejuvenate is a user-friendly graphical front end for Yifan Lu’s Rejuvenate. It is simply a graphical front end, and requires Rejuvenate. It is meant to be dropped into your Rejuvenate directory, but you may set a path to your Rejuvenate installation in the settings.

It’s simple to use. Just select the homebrew elf from the list box and click “Run Homebrew”. Start PSM Dev or PSM Unity on your Vita (depending on mode, it defaults to PSM Dev on first run) and your homebrew will run on your Vita.

Should run on Windows XP up. Windows XP users will require .Net Framework 4 to be installed, but if you are running Rejuvenate, it should already be installed.


  • Automatically finds and lists homebrew in your Rejuvenate directory
  • Supports both PSM Dev and PSM Unity
  • Run RPC or Package Install from the Utilities menu

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