[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.75

New version for gamesonic manager 3.75 release today by Orion


Added all the improvements made by aldostools in Irisman v3.50, except the new payload for the syscall 38 (has a bug with payloads mamba I already reported to Aldo Vargas thank you Aldo Vargas )
Plugin Installer v2.00 added to the File Manager (Just click on the plugin to be installed and will be automatically installed)
Fix all errors and audio glitch due to Fan Control Utility launching the plugin System manager each time you start Gamesonic Manager
New code inserted to disable Patch Cobra and rename files discless
Option to the menu Control Fan moved to the Tools menu
Deleted from the Info menu to display the System Console ID [/ QUOTE]

Gamesonic Manager v3.75

Source Code

Thank you Dark_71 for full test

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