[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.59.1

Gamesonic Manager v3.59.1

The developer Orion release new update Gamesonic manager V 3.59.1.This version have several news … adds new features and fixes some minor bugs of 3.59.. Now we have a message that warns you if you disable the syscall … was fixed the payload 4.70 and fixed a bug in patch repair cobra

-Fixed bug in patch repair cobra
-Added disabling message syscall
-Fixed Payload 4.70 (thanks habib)

Thank you:Habib,Estwald,Aldo Vargas,Deank ,3141card,Zecoxao,Rancid-o and all users from Gamesonic.it,playstationhax e psx-place

Habib 4.70 cfw,Ferrox 4.70 cfw
Gamesonic Manager v3.59.1
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