[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.53

Orion has updated Gamesonic Manager to version 3.53, here is a quote from the forum thread

Gamesonic Manager v3.53


Added Launch of PS2Classic from the list “games (Thanks Aldo Vargas)
Added launch titles back from the list “games (Thanks Aldo Vargas-Code in small partreadjusted-should RetroArch installed on the console)
Added support to Toggle Cobra, for CFW 4.66 Cobra v1.00
Fixed bug that displayed incorrectly icons ISO PSP
Faster GUI Coverflow
Clean up various areas of the source code
Fixed bug that prevented the display of the menu options of the game.
Expedited Reset USB bus for PS3 games.
Now PS1 games are only read from the folder PSXISO.
Now the name of PS2Classic is the folder that contains them.

Gamesonic Manager v3.53

Source Code


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