[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.45


has released a new version of Gamesonic Manager, here is a quote from his thread on the forum:

Here is the new version of Gamesonic Manager that comes to version 3:45 with only three new features, but this time does not count the number but the quality.
Gamesonic Manager

-Universal Spoof reinstated and now finally working on all CFW 4.46-4.55-4.65 (thanks vittorio).
-Added Installer of stage2.bin of Deank for CFW 4:46 and 4.66 in the “Cobra Tools”.

-Added A simple installer for the music of the manager.

A few words about how to install the music in the manager:

In a FAT32 device, create a folder called “music” and placed inside your songs in .mod format, the only supported by the manager for now, renamed “music1.mod”, “music2.mod” etc. (There is a limit the installation of eight songs. ”

This pendrive connected to the first port of the PS3 (the port nearest the bluray player, dev_usb000).
Start the manager and go to the menu “Video and Audio Settings” and select the “Install your Music”.

Gamesonic Manager v3.45

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