[Released] Gamesonic Manager v3.21:New Payload Control Fan

The below text was written by franzes80

Well guys after a week without updates present Gamesonic Manager v 3.21 by orion. new update has a couple of interesting news and goes to improve the control fan which makes it quite equal to webman

Quote:[ltr]Mamba Payload and background music move outside of the RELOAD.SELF (by Aldo Vargas).

Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of the homebrew Homebrew Loader.

Improved the payload of the fan control utility which makes it equal to Webman.

Now the value “Syscon” will be called “Normal”.

Added 3 new background music taken from PS3ITA Manager(thanks Rancid-o)[/ltr]

Tested on Cfw darknet 4.65 v 1.02 and Cfw ferrox 4.65


Source code:

gamesonic.it and new source playstationhax.xyz

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