[Released] Gamesonic Manager v 3.37

Another release from Orion, here is a quote from the forum post:

The developer Orion returns with a new update for Gamesonic Manager version 3.37 with several interesting novelties.

Gamesonic Manager

Added patch which prevents all sorts of error/black screen on each payload ranging from CFW 4.21 to 4.66 (Thanks Deank).
Re-added spoof for CFW like cobra webma.
Updated detection function CFW: now the manager distinguishes the CFW from 4.66 4.65.
Car code fix updated games, now the fix is working 100% (thanks @vittorio for helping me)
Translated several strings of manager (thanks @vittorio)
Deleted Universal Spoof (on some non-funzuionava console and we preferred to delete it)
Adding string into paylod 4.60 4.65 4.66-that-fixa 0x80010017 error
Added new patch anti-hair ODE by Deank.

Thank you:

Estwald,Joonie,Deank,Habib,Vittorio,Rancid-O,Aldo Vargas

Gamesonic Manager v3.37
Gamesonic Manager[Vidzone Stealth]
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