[Released] Gamesonic Manager v 3.15

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Boys after a pause Orion present latest work for Gamesonic Manager updated to version 3.15


Quote: Fixed a bug that slowed terrible, Gamesonic Manager (it was linked to the function of image background)

Fixed bug prevented the detection of Rogero CFW.

Homebrew Loader created new submenu that will allow us to upload:


Showtime (if it is installed in the PS3 will launch from the file included in self Gamesonic Manager)

Retro Loader (will not be detected if the various core emulator retroarch the manager return to the screen gaming)

Testpad Utility

Internet Browser

If on a CFW 4.60 not detected disks just hit consecutively No when asked if you want to activate the payload discless from the Tools menu.

Submitted Universal BDEMU, through which once set the BDEMU on a game will be set on all (thanks Aldo Vargas)

Gamesonic Manager v3.15
Source code

Source:gamesonic.it and playstationhax.xyz

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