[Released] Gamesonic Control Fan Utility v3.02

Gamesonic Control Fan Utility has been updated to version 3.02, here is a quote from franzes80

The developer Orion after Gamesonic Manager returns with a new update of Gamesonic Fan Control Utility, a very useful homebrew for the fan control on your PS3 for those not accustomed to using the control fan on backup manager.The novelty of this new version are adding to the support on Cfw 4.65 dex and fix some bugs

Fixed Bug that did not start the control Fan on CFW 4.65 REX (CEX),
Fixed Bug that prevented the initiation of control fan on CFW 4.60 CEX,
Added 4.65 Payload DEX thanks Joonie
Adding a string that displays the kernel and the CFW version you are using

Special Thanks:
Estwald,Joonie,Habib,Aldo Vargas
Gamesonic Control Fan utility v3.02[SRC+PKG]


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