[Released] FlowRebuilder v5.0 – PS3

FlowRebuilder v5.0

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No its not a new build and yes it was posted over a month ago, but @zecoxao said i had to post it or he would beat me upĀ :(

After @Abkarino released his epic tool, Judges decided to release an updated version of NDT’s FlowRebuilder, here is a quote from the source:

I’m not offering to patch NAND dumps anymore that original FlowRebuilder couldn’t handle. So I’ve decided to release my modified version of FlowRebuilder that can handle any dump (been too lazy to create a new tool that would do the exact same thing.. ).

There’s not much to say, you just use it like the original one. It’s been tested with 700+ dumps which the original version couldn’t handle. So if you get an error while unscrambling, you can be 100% certain that at least one of your two raw dumps is bad. On the other hand a successful unscramble doesn’t mean your dumps are valid. It’s not a validator.


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