[Released] ESSSE Resigner v3.1

bigjokker has released version 3.1 of ESSSE Resigner, which is a multi-tool for the PS3 and stands for ‘EBOOT SELF SPRX SDAT EDAT Resigner’, here is a quote from the source:

ESSSE Resigner v3.1

An “ALL-IN-ONE” tool I made for Resigning EBOOT/SELF/SPRX/SDAT/EDAT and creates c00 licence EDATs. This started out as a ODE Resigner but now I added features for CFW too.

Please test it out if you have any problems with it let me know.


Update v3.1 fix small bug with Eboot resigning. Also added ability to add your own know klicense to list.

-NEW- ADD a klicense to list
-NEW- Can Batch Resign EDAT files
-NEW- Resign Disc type to 3.55 or 4.21
-NEW- Ability to Resign NPDRM to FREE TYPE 3.55 or 4.21 (CFW users)
-NEW- Can make c00 licence EDAT PKG Installer (CFW users)
-NEW- Improved PARAM.SFO Editing
– Searches for klicense from list instantly
– Fixed entering klicense repeatedly for multiple files
– Improved GUI messaging
– Added ability to enter klicense
– Improved GUI experience
– Create c00 licence Edats
– Added GUI for easier use
– ADD Rap for NPDRM
– Converts Multiple SELF/SPRX/SDAT/EDAT with one click
– Edits Param.SFO
– Added FixELF.exe for SDK *No more Error 8001003C


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