[Released] CMX’s Break N’ Make (MakeSelf) v1.1

Some of you might recognise the application in the image below, some of you might not, it is an old unreleased application created by CMX which was updated quite recently and released, here is a quote from the article that Abkarino made on the forum:

Hi all,

The great PS3 hacker/developer CMX‘s just shared his new version of his amazing tool BreakSelf v1.1 & MakeSelf v1.1 that he had called “Bread N’ Make“, this is very nice release for developers and normal users also that want to decrypt/encrypt their files to run it under their PS3 consoles.

In the early PS3 hacking days the will known scene developer/hacker Mathieulh showed us this photo:

Then he claimed that this tool was developed by him, but after 2 or 3 years we discovered who developed this tool ;)

and here is the change log for this release:


Added Control Flags 0x1B = 0x10
Changed Wording For Flag "default licensee" to “First Boot”.. 
Moved Configuration Section into its own Button 
	Now you can set the Configuration for the ini files inside
Added in klicensee.ini 
	This allows you to Database your own Personal Keys. 
Added ability to Change DRM Type 
	Checks for it in the klicensee.ini will set new key if pressent
Added Quick Selector 
	(Reads from klicensee.ini) in NPDRM Settings Area for any preprogramed files.. 
Added Drag and Drop to Clone 
	(Can now Drop file you want to use for Clone "ANY" place outside of the Elf/Self File Sections and it will read it to try and clone it)
Upgraded Clone Function (this will use klicensee.ini)
	If the file is present inside the klicensee.ini it will auto detect when you Clone the original file.

New Klicensee.ini what is It?
First Format 

title = 
	is the title you will see in Quick Selection area. (Put what you would like)
productionid = 
	this is the 36character ID that belongs to the game (eg: UP1017-BLUS30682_00-GTACOMPLETEV0102)
filename = 
	the name to the file this works for so Eboot/SPRX/SELF and so on) (note 1 name per [klicensee] section)
flags =  
	20 – Game Update / 01 – First boot …. Note that they Stack so 21 – both on
	Disc (normaly just normal Free key no need to put)
	Network (Normaly the same as RiF key)
	Local (This is your Personal Rif key)
	Free (for Eboots this key is the normal Free key, for Sprx,Selfs this key can be found inside the Eboot to decypt the Sprx,Self)
	for PSP
Note : you only need to put the Key section you plan to use.

here is an example setup

key3= 00000000000000000000000000000000


V1.0 - Orignal

Allows you to Encrypt (Dex)+(CEX)+(NPDRM) Bin,Self,Sprx,Isoself
*Has Clone Function
Allows for Multi control over how files are encrypted .. 
Allows for Setup of Quick Settings inside Quick.ini
Updatable keys.conf uses same one as Breakself.
Allows for Encrypting Using original  [/spoiler]

What is Clone?
Clone Settings from Original Encrypted file  
Press “Clone Settings” then pick original Encrypted file .. If NPDRM you may need to fill in the K_Licensee with decrypt key Before doing the Clone..

Download: Break_N_MAKE.7z

Source: CMX via Skiller via PSX-Scene & PSX-Place.

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