[Released] CCAPI v2.00 mod [4.46-4.65 CEX/DEX] Supported

Developer Joonie has ported CCAPI v2.00 to work on the most recent CFW, here is a quote from his thread:




Here is link to download


I’m not so sure why no one has ported this, This was done by less than one minute.

@Vapour has been looking for this ,, I just thought of that cheap hex edit port of 2.00 , and I did the same thing for this.

You just have to decrypt the eboot.bin and search the strings where it defines all the supported FW version,

unfortunately without its source code supported FWs are limited due to its nature of elf file itself.

I will soon to try to port that 2.50 version as well, newer netCheat supports 2.50 CCAPI library, so this tool won’t work with

recent RTE / RTM tool, but it works fine with the pc app that was provided with 2.00 dll library file.

Tested on 4.65 CEX/DEX

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