[Released] Better DS3 v1.5.3 – PS3

File Name: Better DS3 v1.5.3
File Submitter: GregoryRasputin
File Submitted: 24 May 2015
File Category: PC Software(PS3)
Developer: Phil Ciebiera
Source: http://betterds3.ciebiera.net/

I didn’t know about this application until today, it was first released over a year ago and its latest update was on the 10th of May 2013, yes its been two years since its last update, but i liked the back story too it and perhaps people would prefer to use this over the original.

Better DS3 v1.5.3 - PS3

Better DS3 is an alternative to the MotionJoy configuration tool(DS3_Tool.exe), here is a small quote from the creator of this application stating why you should use this instead of the DS3_Tool.exe:


So, I started digging around in the DS3_Tool.exe program that comes with the MotioninJoy driver. At first, I was only going to extract the values of the actual battery charge status that shows in DS3_Tool.exe, and I discovered that this was next to impossible because DS3_Tool.exe uses an Internet Explorer server, specifically the WebBrowser control, and I can only assume that for security reasons, the operating system doesn’t allow this to be hooked.


This got me curious as to why the author decided to build DS3_Tool.exe in this manner. I was also determined to achieve what I described previously. I first noticed outbound connections over the internet, which I assumed at first was to deliver ads in the main screen. However, it does more than that.


You see, all the heavy lifting is done by DS3_Tool.exe locally, however, it has no application logic whatsoever to determine when it should interface with the MIJFilter driver, this is all decided by the green “GUI” that is presented to you via HTML and JavaScript inside of that WebBrowser control. This HTML and JavaScript comes from a remote server out on the internet, this is where things become somewhat nefarious in my opinion.

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