[Released] Appmanager Plus v1.0 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

Appmanager Plus v1.0 – #HENkaku

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The awesome Onelua Team have released a beautiful application for the PS Vita which contains many cool features, here is a quote from the source:






An easy to use App Manager for, as the name suggests, manage your PS Vita apps/files and your PSP games.


With AppManagerPlus from Onelua Team you can switch your PS vita apps/games from ux0: to ur0: in case you need some room to install more games, plus you can either launch or delete the apps you already have, also, it allows you to delete the apps manual.


It comes with built in File Explorer, vpk installer, custom theme installer/remover, media player, and the hability to export/set your favorite images to use as background on livearea.


As a bonus feature you can design your own theme for AppManagerPlus, with a set of various images and colors and even the font can be changed.



Awesome work @gdljjrod and @DevDavisNunez:)


Visit the forum for more help:
[Released] Appmanager Plus v1.0 – #HENkaku – PS Vita

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